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Relationship Hardships

Your ex boyfriend seemed to be in love with you and then he suddenly pulled away and broke up with you. This leaves you confused, broken hearted and wondering what you did to offend him. But, above all of these feelings is the gnawing pain of loss. All you can do is think of him and how much you miss him. Then as you get over the shock, you start wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back.

However, thinking of the good times you had with your ex boyfriend will not get him back. If you want to feel his arms around you again soon, you have to learn how to make your ex miss you. But, you have to keep your emotions in check and control the situation. That might sound like a lot to ask of you after you have just seen your future melt away.


If you are like most women, you will chase your ex boyfriend and tell him how much you need him in your life. But, that is an almost guaranteed way of having him reject you. Sending text messages, calling and beginning to cry and beg at the sound of his voice will not make your ex boyfriend miss you. These are things that you would not normally do and they won't present a very desirable image to him.

To get your ex boyfriend back you must present the image of a strong, self confident woman just as you did when you first met him. This was the kind of woman he saw when he first met you and it will make him desire you again. By letting your ex boyfriend know that you can accept the breakup and have a life without him, you will be starting to make him want you back.

Of course your emotions will be screaming at you to stay close to him so he won't find someone else. But, how can your ex miss you if you are always there? The answer is he can't, which means that you will have to stop having any contact with him. This will be scary at first because you will be afraid of him forgetting you. Yet just the opposite will happen.

This might be hard to understand when you are so intent on getting your ex boyfriend back, but being without you will make him remember the good times he had with you. Everyone has a nostalgia gene that makes them long for the good times of their life. By not distracting him from these thoughts by constantly sending text messages or calling, your ex will start wondering if he has a chance to get you back.

Getting your ex boyfriend back could be as simple as giving him the chance to miss you. But, it will take some strength and determination on your part. You can always rely on your friends and family for support, so lean on the ones who love you and let your ex come back to you.

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