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If you are dealing with a breakup, you are probably confused by your ex boyfriend's actions. Here is a guy who couldn't see enough of you at the start and now he won't answer your text or take your phone calls. You wonder what you could possibly have done to turn his love for you into hate. But your ex boyfriend doesn't hate you, in fact he is probably still in love with you. The reason he is ignoring has to do with how little you know about the man you love.

Your ex boyfriend is more easily hurt than you may think. Sure, he will put on his macho image for all of the word to see, but inside there is still a small boy who can be very fragile at times. When he is hurt his instincts tell him to go off somewhere and sulk because he wants to make you feel sorry for hurting him. The more you try to plead with him, the more stubborn he will become because he knows that he has the upper hand.


If you understand that you are dealing with a small boy, it will make getting your ex boyfriend back much easier. The best way to deal with him is to say that you are sorry for hurting him and leave it at that. Walk away and let him sulk because it shouldn't take long before he starts feeling alone and unloved. There are also some things that you can do to speed up the process of making your ex boyfriend sorry he broke up with you.

After saying you are sorry, you should act like your ex boyfriend no longer exists. Go on with your life the way it was before you met him. Keep busy with things that interest you and make sure to go out with friends and have some fun. While you are doing these things, your ex boyfriend will start to miss being part of your life. He will see the fun you are having and want to share in the good times. That will cause him to gradually come out of his sulk.

Just the same as with a small boy, you can't just take your ex back into your arms and act like nothing ever happened. If you are too easy to forgive him, he won't hesitate to pull the same stunt of running off again. You have to show him that he needs you more than you need him. You can't be too severe, but you must make him think that he has to win his way back into your heart.

The reason your ex boyfriend was ignoring you was the feeling of control it gave him, but when you started ignoring him, the control changed over to you. I don't mean to make your relationship seem to be a constant battle for control, but if you want to keep your man, you can't let him know you need him more than he needs you.

Remember the small boy inside of him and show him you love him, but always make him a little unsure of you as well. If you do that, it will always spark his attention and he will be your man for good.

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