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When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, he said you could still be friends. That gave you hope of getting him back, but now he doesn't answer your text or phone calls. You had thought that by being friends and communicating, your ex would soon see that the breakup was a mistake and come back to you. Now it seems that his offer of being friends was just an easy way of getting away from you without a nasty scene.

The best thing you can do when your ex boyfriend refuses to communicate is to not panic. He might be trying to sort some things out and doesn't want to have contact with you until he does. When it comes to communication, men and women differ greatly. Where you can chat with a girlfriend for hours and cover many subjects, a man will just want to state the reason for his text or phone call and be done with it.


The way you handle communicating after a breakup can shape your ex boyfriend's attitude toward you greatly. If you send a text or leave a phone message one time and then send no more until he answers, your ex will see you as strong and independent. However, by constantly sending text or leaving phone messages, you will give him the impression that you are the clingy and needy type.

Actually sending countless text messages or calling him day and night is a form of stalking and your ex boyfriend could start thinking of you as being a nuisance. The sad part of all of this is that sometimes a man will say he needs a break because he is considering making a commitment, but the thought of losing his freedom is scary. By respecting his privacy, your ex will see that you care about his needs and would not be a domineering wife.

When your ex boyfriend doesn't answer your text or phone calls, you must stop trying to communicate with him. Don't be afraid of him forgetting you because if he does then he didn't love you in the first place. The best way to make a man communicate with you is to not be the first to communicate. Give your ex time to see how empty his life is without you and how foolish the breakup was.

Since he was the one to ask for a break, you have to make him be the first to communicate. If he loves you, a couple of weeks should be enough for him to wonder if you are dating someone else. As days go by without a word from you, his anxiety will increase. That is when you will probably get a text or phone call from him and you want to answer him immediately, but take your time.

Wait a day or two before answering his text and when you do, don't say how much you love and miss him. If you are returning his phone call, be sure that you can handle hearing his voice without crying or begging. Let him do the talking and try to be as cheerful as you can. Remember the time when you first began dating and follow that pattern. He is the one who left you and he must be the one to crawl back.

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