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When he broke up with you, you never wanted to see your ex boyfriend again. Your anger and humiliation made you want to hurt him and make him pay for the way he treated you. Fortunately, you didn't try to get revenge because now that you have cooled off, it is clear that you are still in love with the guy. However your desire for revenge has turned into an uncontrollable desire to get your ex back.

These swings of emotion are not unusual after being dumped, but what you have actually done is exchange one negative emotion for another. Chasing your ex boyfriend and practically demanding that he talks to you can push him away as easily as getting revenge. Either way, you are not respecting his rights and he has every reason to resent your actions.


In your confusion, you might turn to your family and friends for advice, but you won't like what they tell you because they are on your side and your ex boyfriend is the villain. Seeing how badly he has hurt you will make them angry and tell you to forget the bum and move on and that is easy for them to say because they are not in love with him the way you are. The best way to handle this situation is to wait for signs that your ex boyfriend wants you back.

Once your ex boyfriend starts to cool off and realize that dumping you was a big mistake, he will want to know if he has a chance of getting you back. To do that he will have to contact you, but since he will be afraid of being rejected, your ex will test the water first by sending you a text. He won't mention love or missing you yet, just ask how you are doing and wait to see if you will answer. This will show you that you are on his mind.

When a man is ready to move on, he won't have any contact at all with his ex, so by contacting you he is saying he still feels a bond to you. If you answer the text, you have to act like you are talking to an old friend. Do not say anything romantic or that you miss him. His next move may be giving you a call and you should take the call, but tell him you were just going out the door and say you will call him back soon.

Don't call him back for a couple of days and your ex boyfriend will be anxious to hear from you. He will wonder if you were meeting some guy for a date and think you may be slipping away. If he comes out and asks who you were meeting, your ex boyfriend will show that he is worried about losing you, but don't try making him jealous. That could backfire on you and he could back off and let you go for good.

Be honest and tell him that you were just meeting some friends. Be a little mysterious and he will keep giving clues that he wants you back. Have patience and your ex boyfriend will gradually work his way up to telling you how much he misses you and wants you back in his life.

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