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One of the biggest mistakes women make after a breakup is telling her ex what she wants from him. You text and call the man you love, telling him how much you miss him and need him in your life. You never give a thought to what he wants or needs in his life. He had to feel there was something missing in your relationship or he would never have broken it off.

To make any relationship endure, each partner must feel satisfied and fulfilled. Evidently you were contented with the way things were because you want to have the man you love back and have things back the way the way they were. However, that does not appear to be what he wants. Something has made him unhappy and until you know what it is and do something to correct it, you can never hope to get your ex boyfriend back.


Why would someone want to be in an environment that was constantly annoying to them? I am not trying to put all of the blame for the breakup on you, or ruin your self esteem, but he broke up with you for a reason. That reason could be that he is not as attracted to you as he once was. To get him back, you have to do something to spark that attraction again.

Breakups don't happen over night and there should have been plenty of clues, that you either did not notice or chose to ignore. If he started criticizing you over small things you did, that should have been your first warning that a storm was brewing. When you first began to date, your ex boyfriend could find no wrong with anything you did.

However, as time has passed, he does not see many of the small quirks you have as cute. But, this doesn't mean that you should completely change your personality. Whether you get your ex back or not, you have to be you. If your relationship has lasted for some time, there is bound to be changes in both of you. People grow and change, but not always in the same way.

You might have advanced in your career or received a degree in school, while your ex remained in the same routine job. Without him realizing it, the man you love is feeling a resentment toward your success. This could be happening because his self esteem has taken a hit and he is unconsciously striking back. On the other hand he might really be irked by the way some of your habits. However, no one is perfect and if you truly love a person, you will learn to accept their faults.

What your ex boyfriend wants from you is understanding. He needs time to think and get over his resentment. In the meantime you should work on anything that might have made him annoyed or hurt his self esteem. If he loves you and really wants to be with you, he will realize his mistake and with some sensible conversation you can work things out. But constantly telling him what you want and need will only push him farther away. If this is the man for you, don't give up. to learn more about using male psychology to get your ex back.

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