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Relationship Infidelity

You might love a guy, but sometimes he can be a real jerk. Just when you settle in to enjoy a long happy relationship with him, he starts acting distant and the next thing you know he is gone. It makes you wonder what makes a man's attitude change so fast.The answer to that could be hard to take but the truth is, he has probably lost some of his desire for you.

It's sad but true, life is in a constant change and nothing can change faster than a man's attitude. Part of this is due to the fact that a man is a natural roamer and he is always wondering what lies over the horizon. If he is not kept interested enough where he is, a man will start to drift away. That is when you think your ex is acting distant.


He may say that he loves you, and your ex boyfriend is not lying when he says it, but loving you and desiring you are not the same. Think of your favorite food, you might love it, but you don't desire it for every meal. Too much of anything can become boring, no matter how much you care for it. When something is scarce and you haven't had it for a while, that is when you desire it.

If you had been eating your favorite food day after day, you would grow tired of it and if someone forced you to eat it, you would resent that person's action and push them away. That is what is happening with your ex boyfriend. You gave him too much love and when he wants a break, you keep trying to force yourself on him by saying you can't live without him.

To change his attitude and make him desire you again, you have to make him feel a need for you. He has to think that you are gone for good and he will never hear you say you love him or feel your arms around him again. Which means that you must stop throwing yourself at him and become scarce. But you can't just stay away from him for a few days and expect his attitude to change.

You will have to go back to the way you were when he first met you, except that you shouldn't date other guys. However, you can find other interests and go out with your girlfriends for a good time. Get acquainted with your family again. You may have neglected them during the relationship with your ex boyfriend and they will be happy to see you again.

To make his attitude change fast, you need to let him see you looking great and having fun and then disappear. If possible, go on a vacation and let him wonder what has happened to you. He might think you have run off with another guy and become desperate to find you. If you can't get away, at least stay out of his sight for a while.

Being without any contact with you will soon make his desire for you peak again and he will be back for another helping. But make sure that he doesn't get too much of you again. As long as you make him feel that you are just out of his reach, his desire for you will always be at a peak.

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