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You've probably seen all kinds of adds promising revolutionary ways to get your ex back. Some of them might seem quite exciting if you haven't tried them before. The problem is that most of them offer quick fix patches for relationship problems without digging in and coming up with some long-term solutions to the relationship problems that are driving you apart.

You see relationships rarely just happen. No one in a committed and loving relationship wants to call it quits for no reason. There's usually some compelling reason to end the relationship or it wouldn't be happening. Unfortunately that compelling reason isn't always the easiest to identify.


Before you fix the relationship and get your ex back you need to closely examine where things went wrong in the beginning so that you can pinpoint the problem areas that must be addressed before you even think about getting back together.

Step one, of course, is to fix the problem. This is the best way to get your ex to come back and have him (or her) stick around for the long haul this time.

Step two, is to make your relationship a priority. This is one of those “hindsight” things, sadly. If couples made their romantic relationships a priority from the start this would rarely be necessary. Once you establish the good habits of regular dates, discussions, and together time it's easy to keep up with them. Most couples don't start trying until significant damage has been done.

Love, like most things in life is a dance. The two-step can be fun, flirty, flamboyant, exciting, or dull depending on who is doing the stepping. If you follow the two steps above you ought to be stepping high and lively in your relationship for many years to come.

Let others see you out on the town. Word has a way of traveling. Let others tell him that you've been out having a great time and looking good (make sure you really do look good when you go out and that you aren't moping around missing him). He's going to wonder what's going on with you and begin to wonder why you stopped having fun together.

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