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It's a familiar sight after a breakup. You are sitting alone, crying and repeating over and over how much you miss your ex boyfriend. You wish he could see how much he has hurt you and realize how much you love him. Would that make him understand that the breakup was a mistake? The answer to that question is No! Your ex might pity you, but he will also consider you as weak and needy and men do not find that kind of woman attractive.

You might say that you can't keep from missing him and you would be right. It is perfectly normal to miss something that you value when it is lost, but you can't let him know how much you miss him. For a relationship to be successful both partners have to want it to work at it. There must be an equal amount of give and take. When one of the partners becomes too needy, the other loses respect for them.


Having respect for each other is very important if a relationship is to survive. You can love someone, but if you don't respect them the love will die. This could have been what caused the breakup. If you became too needy and clingy, your ex might have lost respect for you and decided that he needed some time away from you to think. If you continue to show this weakness, you will never get your ex back.

What all of this means is that you have to stop sending text and making phone calls to your ex boyfriend. You have to show him that you can live without him and that you are still the woman he fell in love with. Right now you are only thinking of yourself and what you want. I'm not trying to add to your pain because I know how bad you feel, but you can't get your ex boyfriend back until you show him you don't need him.

To make your ex respect and want you again, you have to pick yourself up and move on with your life. Make yourself as attractive as possible and go out with your friends. Wasn't this the woman he saw when he first met you? A strange thing happens to men when they think they are being ignored, they can't stand it. He chased you before when he thought you didn't want him and he will chase you again.

To make his respect for you will return, you will have to change your attitude completely. No more clinging or neediness. This cannot be an act, it has to be the real thing. Getting your ex back by playing games won't work because sooner or later he will realize that you haven't changed at all and he will leave again.

You have to respect your man and demand respect from him, love alone will usually not be enough This is the only way that you can have a happy and successful relationship with the man you love.

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