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When a relationship falls apart, it becomes difficult to move on. You are more likely feeling that the break up was a huge mistake, and probably you want to make up with your ex once again. Probably, you are looking for a way to answer your question “how to get a man back after a break up”? This article will give you insights on how to act or behave to bring him crawling back on his knees.

No matter how despairing your situation may be, you'll always find the suggestions that meet your needs. All you need is to stick to them, until you see the results you want.


At first, you need to show your ex that you have changed for good, and that you are no longer the same person before the breakup took place. If you are the person who first broke up, you have to reassure your ex, that you won't repeat the same attitude. If you feel that your ex still not convinced with your talk, do not shout at him or say things that you may regret later.


Simply give him the necessary time and space to seize his interest in you; if you insist too much to get an immediate response, you risk losing him forever. If he asked you to change any past behavior, you should listen to him.

Do not hold on tight to the past, do not let the past mistakes drag on your efforts and make them worthless. You should be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes, and willing to forgive your ex for any wrong things. Even if you see that your man is the only one responsible for the break up, do not blame him or make it point to enter into a long and boring conversation.

Even though you sense it is possible to mend the relationship, do not rush into making things become as they were before the break up. You have to start out slow, let him understand that you still love him, and that you expect him to show you the same interest. With time, you can revive the past happy moments; you can even create more intimacy than before the break up.

Ignite the passion that was in the relationship, in particular, in its beginning. Men always tend to favor the woman who has a great interest in them, a nice-looking woman with an eternal smile. I am not saying that you should smile all the time, it is alright to have a day down, but always keep in mind that what men find attractive in a woman, is her smile.

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