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You notice your boyfriend missing some dates and showing up late for others. He has stopped telling you about his day and never asks about yours. In fact he seems preoccupied and like his mind is a million miles away. If this is happening to you, it is time to do something before things get worse and your boyfriend disappears for good. Here are some tips to make your boyfriend happy to be with you.

That is the key to a good relationship – you both have to enjoy being together. However, if your boyfriend is showing signs of discontent, you need to act fast. It is a lot easier to keep him from leaving than it is to get your ex back. The fact that a boyfriend leaves does not always mean that they no longer love you. He might just be disillusioned wonder why you no longer love him.


You might argue that you tell him you love him all of the time, but do you show him that you love him? It is easy to become too comfortable in a relationship and begin to take your guy for granted. The reason he doesn't take you to the places that his friends hangout anymore could be part of his reason to act distant. Your boyfriend is not proud of being seen with you anymore.

Perhaps you have taken your boyfriend's friends for granted also and don't feel that you need to look your best around them. You pay less attention to your looks and wear sweats and tee shirts most of the time. Remember when you used to get your hair done and maybe buy a new outfit for a date? Your boyfriend was proud to show you off then, but now he feels his friends might be wondering what he sees in you.

You used to be cheerful and eager to make your boyfriend laugh, but now you greet him with complaints about your job or some other small irritation you might have. Everybody has problems now and then, however when it becomes habitually seeing the dark side of everything it becomes boring to the one who must listen. In other words, you are not fun to be with anymore.

This does not mean that you are entirely to blame foryour boyfriend's actions, but if you are worried about losing him, the best way to keep him is to make yourself irresistible. If you have let your looks slip, take measures to fix them. This might require getting a new hair style and hot new clothes. Be upbeat and make him laugh. You could also become a little distant yourself.

Don't always be available for dates. Spend time with your family and friends and find other things to occupy your time. This will make him value his time with you more, the way he did when he first met you. Something that is scarce is always more valued and sought after. You will find that soon it will be your boyfriend who is trying to close the distance between you.

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