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While breakups happen each and every day, every breakup situation is different and brings with it its own set of stylized emotions that the two parties involved can relate to. But no matter what caused the fracturing and how it went, all of them can be considered sad episodes of one's life and lifelong experiences. Breakups that had gone awry with all the hurtful things dragged up from our emotional dungeons and hurled at each other with angry and sometimes spiteful recriminations are some of the worst scenarios indeed. If that is the breakup that you've been through last, then you may still be recovering even now from the torrent of emotional discord associated with it and must be thinking that it is impossible to get back with your ex. You might be one among the many others who ask, “How do I get an ex back after that really big fight we just had?”

To tell you frankly, you are indeed facing a difficult and most challenging situation. No sugarcoating necessary here. Breakups are realities and it has to be handled on its face value. So, how do I get an ex back? Well, although it may be a hard road to hoe, the answer itself is relatively quite simple. Just summons the intestinal fortitude to say you're sorry in a major way.


Not many people can locate the necessary courage or find it easy to say sorry. But no matter what kind of a person you are, or think you are, this is the biggest task placed squarely in front of you right now if you're serious about a lasting reconciliation. If you really want to get your ex back, a simple sorry half heartedly or begrudgingly mumbled under the breath won't do. With all that has been said and done, you can't just undo things with that five-letter word and expect everything to simply fall neatly into place.

First, the timing has to be just right. Wait until you are truly ready to own up and admit all of your mistakes and when your ex has cooled down and is ready and prepared to listen. Remember that you can no longer impose anything on your ex. He or she is no longer your partner and both of you very well know that (or at least should by now).

Get your head on straight and think through and plan the perfect setting when to say sorry. You can tell it to your ex in a surprise meeting or you can set up via a blind date. Irrespective of which way you wish to do it, it has to be done perfectly and sincerely. So don't even contemplate asking yourself how to do I get an ex back if you're not 100% ready to say you're truly sorry and back it up through deeds, not just words. If you can find it within yourself do so this of your own accord then you are at least half way home.

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