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What makes your boyfriend pull away from you emotionally? That's something women have asked for ages. You think he loves you and wants a future with you and then without warning, he begins to pull away. This leaves you feeling, confused, ignored and unwanted. You start to wonder if your boyfriend ever really loved you or was he just playing a game. The result of this can cause you to feel that you can never trust another man or believe a word they say.

That makes it even more important for you understand why men act this way, but actually there isn't any simple answer to it. When you meet a man and fall in love with him, it is hard to believe how fickle he can be. As a woman, you become comfortable and want him to know how you feel. However, you need to be careful and not say the words “I love you too soon.” A man is able to control his emotions and if you become intimate before he is ready it can make him start pulling away.



While he is chasing you, he is feeling challenged, but once you let him catch you, his attitude can change abruptly. When he pulls away, you may feel hurt and abandoned, but you are not considering the way he thinks. If you and your boyfriend saw a relationship in the same way, there would be few problems, but unfortunately you don't. The small insecurities and faults that he has may seem cute and lovable to you. However if you show jealousy or tell him of your problems, he resents being burdened with them.

You may be willing to accept your man for who he is, but in the early days of your relationship, he is putting you to the test. He wonders how you will react to any crisis that may arise and if you will try to dominate him. He wants a certain amount of freedom and will be testing you constantly to see if you can accept it. The smallest hint that you could be a nagging and complaining wife will make him pull away. Your boyfriend, like all men are looking for a woman who is perfect, but since no one can be that way, what can you do?

You have to be yourself and not try to be someone that you think your boyfriend has as an image. If he loves you, he will accept your small imperfections and love you because of them. The worst thing you can do is try to fool him because when he discovers the real you, he will pull away so far you can never get him back. True love is a give and take situation and anytime you have to do all of the giving, it isn't worth the heartache you will feel.

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