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Your probably found a lot of support and advise from your family and friends when your boyfriend dumped you. Of course they took your side and told you to let the jerk go and find someone new. The problem is that you didn't want someone new, you wanted to get back the man you love and make him stop rejecting you.

This caused you to ignore their advise and go running after your ex like he was the last man on earth. This in turn made your ex boyfriend reject you and hurt you even more. What you need to do is stop chasing him for a minute and look at what is happening. You are not getting anywhere by chasing him, so why not do just the opposite?


Start ignoring your ex boyfriend and act as if he doesn't exist. You may not realize it, but nothing can get a man's attention like having his ex girlfriend ignore him. He has his pride and ego to protect and when you just accept the breakup and go on with your life, you make him feel like he is the one who was dumped. It will also make him start to wonder if he did the right thing by breaking up with you.

At first glance this might seem pretty risky, but you have to consider how a man's mind works. It's simply male psychology that he will want what he can't have and reject what is thrown in his face. Since the breakup, you have been telling him of your undying love for him and he feels he can have you whenever he wants you.

When he thinks you are no longer interested in him, it presents a new challenge and he will start thinking of ways to get you back. If he hears about you being out with your friends and flirting with the guys, it will add to his anxiety and he will feel a real urge to take action. Now you have put your ex boyfriend in the position of chasing you.

It might be hard to believe, but this could be the reason your ex broke up with you. It wasn't because he stopped loving you, but because he became bored. Now that he feels you may be looking for someone new, you have become a challenge to him again. Now your job is to make sure that every time he sees you, you are looking your most desirable. Soon he will be wanting you in his arms again.

However, don't think that once you get your man back you can just fall back into the same old routine. If you do you will lose him again and this time it might be for good. You have to always keep him reaching for you and stay just out of his reach. As long as he is reaching for you, he will always be begging for your love and he won't be looking at someone else.

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