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There is an old joke that says “I miss my ex but my aim is getting better”. Despite jokes like this the truth is that there is an epidemic of broken relationships. Of course many people point to the increased social pressures as the reason for the increase in break ups. But it really comes down to two people who just haven't figured out how to stay together.

When a couple breaks up initially there may be a feeling that the grass is greener on the other side. But often after just a little time apart they realize that they were better off with their ex than they realized. So it no surprise that more broken couples are finding a way to reunite with their exes.


It can be fun to get back with your ex especially if the break up really made you stronger. You could end up a better couple for it.

Getting back together with your ex may sound like a good idea but it is rarely easy to do. If you don't handle the time just after a break up properly you can do more damage than good.

It can be really hard if you feel like you are ready to meet with your ex and talk things out and they don't want to talk or see you yet. You should fill your days having the best time you can. It is important for your own self esteem and for your ex to see that you are getting on with your life. This is why you were attractive to them initially.

There is a trick you can use in getting a stubborn ex to start talking with you again. You have to use human nature and get then curious about you. So say something like “Hey, I really like what you've done for me and I'd like to thank you in person.” Now you better be ready to answer the question of what you like that they have done for you.

One of the first things you need to do when you get the opportunity is to offer a sincere apology. Don not waste the chance. The apology can open the door to getting your ex back but you will never get back with your ex if you don't apologize.

If you can get the process off to a good start like this you are well on your way to getting back with your ex.

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