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There are many subjects taught in school, but not teaching how to get a boyfriend back is something that seems to have been forgotten. Yet what could be more important than knowing how a man thinks. Or how to use male psychology to make him see that the breakup was a big mistake? This is the love of your life you might be losing and your whole life's happiness could be at stake.

When the man you love just walks out of your life, and this happens at least once in nearly every relationship, you need to keep it from being for good. However, most women resort to crying and begging, which usually pushes your ex boyfriend farther away. Schools have no problem with teaching the physical difference in men and women, but they neglect to teach about the difference in the way the two sexes think.


The reason you are having a hard time getting your ex back is because you are thinking like a woman. As a little girl, you probably dreamed of your prince riding in on a white horse and the two of you would live happily ever after. Now you are dreaming that your ex will come back and tell you he is sorry, take you in his arms and you will live happily ever after. But the chances of that happening are slim and none.

No amount of pleading will bring him back unless you make him see how important you are to his life. If he doesn't see any benefit to him, why should he come back? That is why you need to know what motivates men and that is what male psychology is all about. When he first met you, he felt that his life would be better if you were part of it. You have to make him feel that way again if you want your ex back.

One of the main differences in men and women is in their genes. As a woman you have the genes of a home maker and mother. Your ex boyfriend has the genes of a hunter. He enjoys a chase and the thrill of conquest. That's why most men are so interested n sports. When you are chasing him, it makes him uncomfortable and so he pulls away.

This means that if you want the man you love back, you have to give him something to chase and that something has to be you. You might wonder why he would chase you after he broke up with you. The answer to that is because you are going to make him think you no longer are interested in him. When you do that, you become a challenge to him again.

Making your ex boyfriend think he is losing you for good, will cause him to doubt his decision to breakup with you. He will start remembering why he fell in love with you and then another gene will kick in. This will be the nostalgia gene that both men and women have and it is what's making you so desperate to get your ex back and It works the same with men. He will think of the good times you had together and begin missing you. That's how you use male psychology to make your ex start chasing you again.

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