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You thought it was so sad when one of your girlfriend's got dumped by her boyfriend and you told her she was probably better off without him. Then you went on your way feeling confident that the relationship with your boyfriend was solid as a rock. Now here you are sitting at home crying because the man you thought was yours forever just told you he wanted to move on.

The strange thing about all of this is that when you went to your family and friends, they told you to forget him because you were better off without him. That makes you wish you had been more helpful to your girlfriend. Then you remember that she got her ex back and hurry over to ask how she did it and she said that she just made it easy for him to come back.


She went on to tell you how she had cried and tried her best to get her ex to talk to her, but he just kept rejecting her. That sounded familiar because this is what has been happening to you. Your girlfriend went on to tell you about her aunt who lived in another state becoming ill and she went to help her. She hated to leave her ex boyfriend for fear he would find another woman while she was gone, but she couldn't let her aunt down.

The story had a happy ending because her aunt got over her illness and after spending three weeks away your girlfriend returned home. She had just walked in the door when the phone started ringing and when she answered it the first words she heard was her ex boyfriend saying that he loved her and didn't want to spend another day without her.

You were happy for your girlfriend, but you have a job and can't just take off for several weeks. The good news is that you don't have to leave town to get your ex boyfriend back. However, you do have to stop badgering him and give him some time to miss you. When you are constantly in his face, you are only thinking of what you want, but your ex has his rights too. At the present time he doesn't want to be with you and although it's hard to do you need to respect his wishes.

Nothing heals wounds as well as time and what happened when your girlfriend went to visit her aunt was that it gave her ex boyfriend time to think. By having time to himself, his nostalgia gene kicked in and he started to remember all of the good times they had together. At the same time he started to forget what had hurt him because the one who had hurt him was not always reminding him of it.

The same thing can happen to you if you give your ex some space. You have to let him see that his life is better with you than without you. Men can be pretty stubborn and although he might want to come back to you, he won't as long as he feels like you are forcing him. It has to be his decision in his own time and by giving him that time, you will make it easy for him to do.

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