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Sadly, it is known that when a relationship turns sour, one party must step up and announce the end of the relationship. Relationships that end up in this sour state tend to hold on for longer than they should simply because making the move to break up is hard to do.

Break ups can involve drama such as personal items being thrown around or outside the house. And on the other hand, a relationship can quietly disappear when someone calls it a day. The most common question is how to break up without hurting our partner too much?


Have a clear reason in mind when you decide to break up. Give it some real thought and make sure that it's not just the first thing that springs to your mind. Once you are sure on the real reason behind the break up, ensure that you are honest.

Being honest to not only your partner but to yourself as well is important. Plan a time that is best for both of you to end the relationship. And if the relationship isn't long distance, it will always be better to break up in person opposed to email or texting. Try not to make your ex start to defend themselves. Mention that you have grown from your time together and that you will have many great memories.

Be as supportive as you can and get ready for your partner to become emotional. When you are going through the process of a break up, remember not to take anything personally. In the heat of the moment, things may be said that are not really meant.

Your partner may need some time to process the split. The best thing you can do is to give them what they need to understand that the relationship has ended.

Once the relationship has ended, you may wonder whether this is really the end, or whether you have that option to reconnect. This is something that only you can work out. Most relationships can be fixed as long as particular conditions are met.

And if you decide that the break up was a mistake, know that with a little effort, it is possible to rebuild your relationship. But if you have made up your mind to end the relationship, be ready to follow through and move on.

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