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If you are a woman who is bothered when your boyfriend notices a good looking gal and his head turns like it is on a swivel, you might get angry and make a nasty remark about her. However, you would be making a mistake because this is just the way guys are. They appreciate beauty in any form, but it doesn't mean that they are going to want to possess it. By making a big deal of it, you are only making yourself look insecure.

Think of it this way, your boyfriend sees a shiny new car and says, “Wow that is one hot ride!” Do you think he is going to run out and trade his car for one like the one he just admired? He is just showing that he appreciates nice things and the next minute he has forgotten all about it. The same thing applies when he notices a pretty girl, he is not thinking of trading you for her either.


Some women retaliate by flirting with the next hunk that walks through the door, but that can lead to trouble. Your boyfriend has already forgotten about the hot number that he ogled, and seeing you flirt with another guy might not effect him at all if he is not the jealous type. However if he is the jealous type, you are inviting trouble that could lead to him dumping you.

The smart thing to do when Miss Gorgeous enters the room is to beat your boyfriend to the punch. You may have the urge to point out that she is wearing too much makeup or that her dress is too gaudy, but this will make you look mean spirited and insecure. Your best move would be to say, “Now that gal has got a lot of class.” You might be surprised when your boyfriend says, “Yeah, but she doesn't compare to you.”

What you need to understand about men is that nearly all men have a roving eye and the way you react will probably determine whether his body follows his eyes and goes roaming. By causing an argument, you are only making yourself look bad. The woman he is flirting with, is cool, calm and looks sure of herself. You, on the other hand will appear small and insecure and it could take all of the fun away from your date.

No man wants to feel tied down. Since he is a natural roamer, his tendency will be to get away from whatever is holding him down. Nobody wants to feel like they are under constant surveillance and the freer you make him feel, the better chance you will have of getting more of his attention. The less you seem to care about his casual flirting, the more you will make him wonder about you.

Men are still like small boys, the more they see that something bothers you, the more they will do it. However, what's the fun if you don't even notice? When you pretend not to see him flirting, you will be more of a challenge to him and get all of your boyfriend's attention.

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