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When you go looking for information on how to get back the guy who dumped you, you are bound to find a lot written about ignoring your ex boyfriend and using the no contact rule. Do you know why these are mentioned so frequently? It's because they work! Nothing get's under a man's skin more than having his ex girlfriend ignore him. It crushes his ego and shreds his pride, but most of all it makes him come out of his comfort zone and take action.

But, you can't make him take action if you keep doing things he expects you to do. For every action, there is a reaction and it can be either good or bad. You wouldn't watch the news on television if they told you something you already knew day after day. You would just tune it out. Well, the same thing happens when you tell your ex boyfriend that you love him and can't live without him. He already knows that, so he tunes you out.


To make him take notice, you have to do something your ex does not expect you to do and that is why you use the no contact rule. When you just walk away and start making a life without him, you are doing something that your ex boyfriend never expected you to do. This won't fit in with his plan at all because he expects you to cry, beg and chase him. That will build his pride and swell his ego to almost bursting because it will give him the chance to keep rejecting you.

The biggest problem with using the no contact rule is fear. You will be afraid not to stay close to your guy because he might forget you and look for another woman, but just the opposite will happen. When he doesn't see you around he will wonder why you stopped trying to get him back. When he hears that you are out with your friends having a good time he will be the one who will be worrying about some other guy making a move on you.

Men and people in general all want what they think they can't have. Look at what happens when the weatherman forecasts a big storm. People run to the store and fight over food items because they think it become scarce. The way to make your ex boyfriend desperate to get you back is to make him think you don't want him anymore. Not only that but his buddies will be telling him that they think it was you who dumped him.

All of this will make your ex boyfriend desperate to contact you and he will send text, emails and make phone calls and this is when you ignore him. Don't answer his text, emails or take his phone calls, let him sweat for a while. Soon the guy who treated you so badly will be crawling back to you and begging you to want him again and saying that the breakup was a big mistake.. This can happen if you have the courage to use the no contact rule and then ignore him for a while.

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