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If you have been having trouble getting your ex boyfriend back. If he doesn't show any sign of interest in you, it might seem that he is gone for good. However all it will take to get your ex back might be making him attracted to you again. When men breakup with a woman it is quite often because he takes her for granted and loses the attraction for her he had at the start.

But you might think, the reason he was attracted to you at the start was because everything was new and he hadn't had the time to take you for granted. If that's true, then to get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make everything new again. Think back to what you did to attract his interest at the begriming and do the same thing again. What worked once will work again.


To make your ex boyfriend become as obsessed with you as he was at the beginning, you have to start at the beginning. You have to meet him just as you did before. When he first saw you, the spark was lit and he wanted to see more of you. But no matter how he chased you, you stayed just out of his reach. The challenge to have something that is being denied him makes a man obsessed with obtaining it.

When you meet him again, the scene needs to be just right and catch your ex by surprise. That shouldn't be too hard, since you know where he usually hangs out. You want to look your best because he is expecting you to be at home moping around and waiting for him to call. Seeing you looking great and having a good time will knock him for a loop.

Once you are sure he has seen you, leave immediately. Don't have any conversation with him and act as if you don't even know him. Leave him with the image of you looking your best and flirting with other guys. This will make him have second thoughts about the breakup and he may send you a text. Whatever he says in the message don't answer him. You need to take the attitude that you don't care anymore.

Nothing gets to an ex boyfriend faster than being ignored by his ex girlfriend. He thought you would wait for him forever, but now he will have doubts. As long as you keep him at arms length, your ex will be obsessed by getting you back. But, to get him back you will have to give in before he becomes too discouraged. However you can never let him take you for granted again.

Once you are back together, you must never mention a commitment. Act as if it is the farthest thing from your mind. As long as you appear to care the least, you will be the one in control. Keeping a man attracted to you and obsessed with keeping you is as simple as that. Make him feel he needs you more than you need him.

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