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After coming up with my previous article 'How to forget someone you love', my inbox almost full due to comments I got on how people reacted about it. The majority of the comments were fair enough while others focused on the fact that the material was not enough and so, I decided to come up with this version so that when combined, you will totally forget about someone fast. Based on the comments, it took some people just three to four days to recover while for the majority of them, it took about a week or so. By the time you are done, you will equally forget someone fast in your life as well. I always tell people that in order to forget someone fast, you don't necessarily need to be a super human or study a magical science to do it, but rather, adapting to the rule will make you do it. Forgetting someone is nothing more than the kind of beliefs and circumstances you place yourself after breakup which determine whether you are going to get over the person or not. But today in this article, I am going to explain some of the kind of belief system to develop and how certain influential factors can make you totally forget anyone in your life.

How to forget someone fast in your life You can only forget someone or get over a breakup if you first accept that the whole relationship is over and destroy every hope of ever coming back, only then can you stop daydreaming about your victim. In most situations, people daydream about their partners immediately after breakup when they belief that they can still sort things out. I am not against the fact if they can sort it out but at the same time, if it's certain nothing can happen, won't that be crazy to keep on daydreaming about someone you can't get. At certain time in life, it's better to just accept things the way they are. I always talk based on psychological point of view and background. A research was carried out in one of the state universities in California between people who break up often and those who broke up and just let it go. When both groups were thoroughly interrogated, it proved that those in the first group were people who never match each other's criteria. They were opposite match. This therefore implies that to certain extend, both of you broke up probably because he or she was not your type or the kind of caliber for your criteria, else you people would not have broken up.

After all, they are lots of potential partners out there waiting for us and all we need is just to go out. As soon as you find a replacement or get involve in another relationship, before you know it, they will be no person existing in your mind as he or she thereby forgetting them just like that. Think of their weaknesses and mistakes In order to forget someone fast, you have to stop looking at the old good times. You have to from this day start thinking of their weaknesses and before you know it, you will start developing hatred for the person. I know this process is somehow harsh but I don't see any other way to put it. I figure it out to be a method and it has turned out well for others so take it. It's true that when we start seeing the weaknesses and mistakes of other people, we tend to develop bad feelings towards everything about them and the same thing happens even in classroom. You will discover that when a child hates a teacher, he tends to fail his subject as well. So, in order to forget someone fast as possible, just reflect back and spot out some of their mistakes and their weaknesses you never like and before you know, you'll not want to see him or her again.

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