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Remember how thrilled you were when you first captured his attention and the man who is now your ex boyfriend began to chase you? However after you let him catch you, things began to change. You tried every way you could think of to show him how much you loved him, but your boyfriend seemed to get more and more distant and then he broke up with you. Why did this happen?

The most likely reason would be that you scared your ex boyfriend away. When he started chasing you, he was attracted to you physically and when you played hard to get, he took up the challenge. What you failed to realize that catching you was more of a game to him than anything else. When you started telling and showing him how much in love you were, he run for the hills.


What had been a game to him had turned serious and like most men he didn't want to give up his freedom. After he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend may have doubts, but if you go after him and demand that he talks to you, he will find somewhere to hide. Then if you continue to chase him, he may realize that he likes to have you tell him you can't live without him.

This builds his ego, but he will also be experiencing the thrill of having a lovely woman like you chase him. This has probably never happened to your ex boyfriend before. He has always done the chasing and felt the pain of rejection and this is his big moment. That is one of the main reasons you can't chase a man after a breakup. He may keep enjoying it and let you keep chasing him forever.

As long as you are chasing him, he doesn't have to worry about losing you because he knows where you are and what you are doing at all times. He won't feel the pain of missing you because you are always around and he still has his precious freedom. The only way to get your ex back is to make him think you don't want him anymore.

If you stop chasing your ex and start leading a life without him, the whole picture changes. The man who broke up with you will start wondering why you stopped loving him. He will start seeing what life is like without you and begin to miss you. This won't happen over night, so you have to be strong and have patience because your ex boyfriend will have to make a decision.

He will have to decide if being with you is more important than his freedom. This won't be an easy choice for him because his roving gene will fight to the end. However, if he is really in love with you the decision will be in your favor and you will soon feel the thrill of having your ex boyfriend chase you again.

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