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Every day you wake up with questions about your break up. You love your ex girlfriend but she's made it crystal clear to you that a break up is what she needs. You wish there was a magic wand you could wave in her direction that would instantly make her change her mind. Unfortunately, nothing like that exists. You have to rely on your own common sense and insight if you want to get the woman back. Understanding how to handle all the small things after a break up will help you make the best impression on your ex. One area that really matters is communication. You're probably more than a little tempted to call her up to beg her to come back to you, but you know better, right? There's a time and way to call your ex girlfriend that will ensure you leave a lasting wonderful impression on her and set the wheels in motion to get her back for good.

You should never call your ex girlfriend if you're feeling overly emotional. Right now, it's likely that all you feel is your emotions in high gear. It's common for a man in your position to go from feeling sad and weepy to being very angry within a matter of moments. You've just gone through a devastating life change so it's understandable that you'll feel emotionally wrought. It's vitally important that you don't try and contact your ex girlfriend when you're feeling that way though. If you do you're bound to say things that will come across as pathetic or desperate. You don't want to appear that way at all to her.


It's a good idea to allow at least a few weeks to pass before you make contact with your ex. That includes emailing her or sending her text messages. Although you may be able to remain in control of what you're feeling through text or email, you still need breathing room to clear your mind so you can respond to anything she says in a positive way. That's why you should pick a date on your calendar three or four weeks from now and set that as the date you'll call her.

When you are ready to make the call, ensure that you have something to say. It's a good idea to have a motive in place for the call besides the fact that you miss her and want her back. You might want to congratulate her on a recent promotion that you heard she got, or perhaps you have something of hers that you want to give back. Whatever the reason be clear about it early in the conversation. Also, ask how she is and keep quiet about the break up. You want this first call to be a way for you to open the lines of communication with the woman you adore again so keep it light, friendly and fun.

Once you've established a connection again, it's fine to call her occasionally to see how she is. You don't want to do this too frequently so a good rule of thumb is once a week. In time, she'll start to call you as well and once that happens you can start asking her out for a coffee. From there it's a clear path towards getting closer all over again.

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