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Maybe you weren't too concerned when your girlfriend dumped you, but as time passes you realize that she is the only woman for you. It can be a big surprise at how much you can miss someone that you took for granted and now you wonder how you can spark her interest in you again. The most natural thing for you to do in order to get her attention and get your ex girlfriend back would be to shower her with gifts, flowers and romantic cards filled with poetry.

However if you have tried sending her things, you know that it won't work and you will have to try something else. Getting her back might seem nearly impossible when she keeps rejecting every move you make, yet it can be easier than you think. But, you are going to have to show her that you are the man for her again and that will take some patience and work.


The first thing you have to do is resolve the problems that made your ex girlfriend dump you. Something about you or the way you treated her made her so unhappy that she had to split up with you. If you want your ex back, you have to face your shortcomings and do your best to correct whatever they are. It's easy to say that you are misunderstood, but you know better. If you want the woman you love back, you have to cut the crap and shape up.

A good way to start would be to send her a text and offer a sincere apology for the way you hurt her and don't make any excuses. You have to face up to your problems, but there is no use going over them with her because she already knows what they are. The best way to show her how much you regret what happened is to show by your actions that you are becoming a better person.

Don't flood her with text messages or attempt to talk to her because she is hurt and it will take a little time for her to heal. When you do have contact with her again, you will have to be supportive and let her vent on you when she feels like it. She may want to come back to you, but she will still be wary of being hurt again. Which means it won't do any good to tell her how much you need her in your life, you will have to prove that she needs you in her life.

Getting your ex girlfriend back can be a very delicate procedure. You may ask her to have lunch or coffee with you and she may refuse.This is where you have to swallow your pride and tell her you understand. Your ex girlfriend might not be ready for romance just yet so be patient. The best way to show her that you genuinely care for her is to let her set the pace. When you have convinced her that her life is better with you than without you, she will be back in your arms for good.

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