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Saving A Relationship

You were so much in love with your boyfriend, but he broke up with you. Now you are afraid he will find someone else and you will lose the only man you can ever truly love. These are thoughts that consume the mind of most women after a breakup. But you don't have to let your man get away. No matter how hard you have tried to get him back, there is more than one way to get your ex back.

You might have felt him slipping away, but you didn't take your feelings seriously and take any action. However now that he is gone, you might have already acted too fast and pushed him farther away. You are so used to him being your boyfriend that you think it is alright to send a text or call him at any time. The first thing you have to realize is that he is no longer your boyfriend.


Your relationship ended with the breakup and you no longer have any ties to him. He can go the way he chooses and you can go yours. To get your ex back, that is exactly what you have to do, go your own way and leave him alone. You would not have acted the way you have been acting if he was a stranger you had just met. He may not be a stranger, but you have to treat him like one.

Give him time to get over the worst of his anger and then you will have a better chance of communicating with him. While you are giving him some time, take some time yourself and try to figure out what caused the breakup. If you know what the problem was, you have to come up with a solution. Then whether it was your fault or the fault of your ex boyfriend you need to offer an apology.

Saying you are sorry to someone will usually make them feel kind toward you and your ex might say it was all his fault and you will have him back. But, some men can be pretty stubborn and although he might accept your apology, he might want to make you suffer some more. This could also be a way of making sure that he will be the one in control when you do get back together.

If he does not come right back to your arms after the apology, don't despair and begin begging him. There are other ways to bring him running back and one in particular that will have your ex boyfriend doing the begging. However, in order to make it the most effective, you have to stop having contact with your ex boyfriend for a few weeks.

If he has not contacted you in a few weeks after you made the apology, give your ex boyfriend another call. He will think you are calling to apologize again, but you will give him the shock of his life. This time you are going to thank him for breaking up with you. Tell him you are having a great time and hope he is too. Then end the conversation. You will not only get your ex back fast, but you will be the one in control as well.

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