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It's pretty painful to get dumped by your boyfriend, especially if you are still in love with him. You wish you could make him see what a big mistake he is making and want you as much as much as you want him. You would like to see him come running back and beg you to love him again. Well, fortunately there are ways to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

By teaching your ex boyfriend a lesson, I do not mean that you are going to seek revenge for what he has done to you. The idea is not to get even with him, but just make him so desperate to have you back that he will be willing to crawl. However in order to accomplish this, you will need to figure out why he dumped you and take measures to prevent it ever happening again.


Since you are too emotional at this time and trying anything to get your ex back might turn out to be a disaster, you should take some time out to think. The great thing about taking time away from the man you love is that it also gives him time to cool off and start missing you. That is one of the main keys to getting your ex boyfriend back, making him miss you.

As long as you keep trying to get him back, your ex is in control. He has no fear of losing you as long as you are begging him. However, if you suddenly stop chasing him, accept the breakup and start going out with your friends, he sees a different picture of you. He realizes how attractive you are and that at any minute some other guy could steal your heart.

This will be something he didn't expect and it changes the whole situation. As long as he thought you were at home, moping around, your ex boyfriend was comfortable. But, now he sees the carefree and confident woman you were when he met you. In fact, it will seem that you are ignoring him, and men hate to be ignored, especially by the woman they dumped.

Everything will be changed. Now that he is the one sitting at home and you are out having fun, your ex boyfriend will not be able to stand it. It is well known that a man will want what he can't have and now that it looks like he can't have you, he will want you. The more you ignore him, the more he will want you and soon your ex will begin making contact with you.

You may start getting a glimpse of him at the mall and then he will turn up at places he knows you will be. These sightings of your ex will probably be followed by a text asking how you are. Just reply with the message, “I'm fine, hope you are too.” That should make him see how much he still loves you and wants you back in his life. Soon the boyfriend who dumped you will come running back, begging you to forgive him.

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