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After a breakup, your biggest fear is usually that your ex boyfriend will forget about you and move on. To keep that from happening, you try to stay close to him. This sort of tactic only makes him more angry and might drive him straight into the arms of another woman. He broke up with you because he did not want to be with you. If you want to have any chance of getting your ex back, you have to respect his wishes.

You have to accept the breakup and realize he is no longer your boyfriend. This is not an easy thing to do when you still love the guy, but running after him and telling him you can't live without him is only pushing him farther away. By not letting him go, you are staying on his mind in a negative way. To arouse his desire for you again you have to make him have positive thoughts of you.


The best way to give him these positive thoughts is to give him up. You won't be giving him up for good, only until he comes to his senses. The reason you are in such a panic is because you are afraid of losing your ex boyfriend for good. This works two ways. But making him think he is losing you for good, he will become desperate to get you back. This might sound strange, that is the way men are.

Men always want what they can't have, that is part of the male psychology. As long as he thinks he can keep rejecting you and you will keep coming back, he will do it. However, if you stop trying to get him back, it becomes a different situation. He will be surprised and wonder why you let him go. You should be better off because you won't be constantly upset by being rejected by him.

Other things will begin to happen because his routine has been disturbed. He was sure you loved him and he could have you back at any time. Now your ex boyfriend will begin to wonder if he carried things too far. You are pushing his emotional hot buttons and he will begin to squirm. Positive thoughts about you will be swirling around in his head. He will remember how pretty you are and how great it felt to hold you in his arms.

That is when he will realize how much he loves you. Next, your ex will start missing you like crazy and regret the breakup. At this point, you can use some more male psychology by going out with your friends and let word get back to him. When he hears of what a good time you are having without him, he will be reminded of the good times you had together.

Your ex boyfriend will realize that you might soon be in the arms of another man and it will drive him crazy. He will be feeling the same panic and desperation you felt at the time of the breakup. This is how using male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons works on a man and it is so much easier to have him chasing you than it is to be running after him.

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