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You feel that you pushed your ex boyfriend away, but now you realize he is the only man for you. You know that dumping him was the biggest mistake of your life, but what can you do to get your ex back? The little things he did that you felt were so annoying now seem to make you love him even more. However, you were the one who caused the breakup, so do you just have to live with it?

The answer to that is no, but you are in a pretty bad spot and you will need to watch every move you make. Your ex boyfriend is going to be hurt, angry and suspicious of your every move. However there is something you can do that makes nearly everyone forgive you. It is a simple three word statement that you probably use several times a month and it is not “I love you.”


If you accidentally step on some ones toe or push against them in a store, you don't say “I love you.” Instead you say “I am sorry.” This lets the other person know that what you did was an accident and they will be quick to forgive you. When you dumped your ex boyfriend it wasn't an accident. You knew what you were doing and thought your life would be better without him. Although it wasn't an accident, it was a big mistake and you want your ex to know it. So, call him and say the words “I am sorry.”

It will take some courage to call him and you need to be sure that you won't cry. The apology should be short. Don't make excuses or any long winded explanations. You shouldn't expect your ex boyfriend to be overjoyed by your apology because he will have his pride to protect. in fact he might be a little belligerent and tell you to forget it, that the breakup didn't bother him a bit. Don't be fooled because having you say you are sorry for your actions will mean a lot to him.

However, you can't think that getting your ex back will likely not happen with that one call. You will have to take it slow and work your way back into his confidence. You will have to become his friend before you can become his girlfriend again. Think of how you would treat a friend and not a romantic connection. You would call or text him from time to time to tell them about something that has happened in your life.

Later you might ask him to meet you for lunch or coffee because you catch up on what has been happening in his life. By having these casual meetings, your ex will see that you have changed and the old flame of love can be rekindled. It will take time for him to stop being suspicious of you, but he will want you back as bad as you want him and with time and patience, you can make that happen.

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