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“Changes is inevitable”. This is a very important concept that we should always remember especially in getting involved in any kinds of relationship. Even in a friend relationship, changes do come and this is an event that we should expect whether we like or not. We need to remember that as changes come along in our lives, we need not to resist. We need to accept that it is happening not only to our own lives but also to the lives of other people. Part of creating some changes to regain a broken relationship is through renewing ourselves. Self-renewal is thought to be the best way to get ex back. Although, making some self-changes is not enough but at least this is the start that you are accepting yourself that you have made some mistake on your actions and thoughts. This is also the best sign that you are lowering down your pride in order to reach out with your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend

Renewing yourself can either be done internally or externally. Internal renewal would simply mean that you need to change yourself to create a better you. It does not mean that you need to totally change yourself but it only implies changes of becoming who you are without any pretentions. Pretending to be like someone is not good you are actually hiding who you really are. You need to tell others about yourself but you do not need to be boastful. Just act simply and humbly. Do not step on other people's rights but act according to your conscience. You need not to please others but you must to gain self-respect. You should love yourself first before you can truly love other people.

On the other hand, external renewal refers to renewing your relationship with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. You can start by becoming friends once again. You can do simple things together just to make time for each other to know yourselves better. You need to establish a good communication with your partner. You should not listen and talk every time but you must to give way for your partner to share his or her thoughts about your relationship. Through this, you are trying to convey the new you by showing the positive changes that you have made for yourself. We all know that initial attraction happens at start because of the positive characters that your partner had seen you before. It is just like starting all over again.

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