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Getting back with your ex-boyfriend can be very difficult as men behave pretty tough and refuse to show their true emotions towards people. If you guys were in a good relationship but suddenly something went wrong and he decides to leave you, there are many ways in which you can get him back. Here are 4 ways on how to get back with your ex-boyfriend.


  • If he blamed you for the relationship ending then you need to make him feel that he was totally wrong. Find ways and means of letting him know that it wasn't your fault and make him feel as a total fool for leaving you.
  • Become more fashionable than you were when you were with him. Find the latest fashion trends and start using them to show him how much you've changed. Men find it hard to resist women who are very attractive even when they've dated them before. Learn about the latest fashion hairstyles, fashion outfits and shoes and use these to get your ex back. Men do not usually run down fashion for themselves but they sure do love a woman that looks good and present herself properly at all times. Change your fashion regularly, don't wear the same outfit too regular, the change in fashion will surely confuse him and help to get your ex back.
  • Find the latest social events and parties to go to and hang out with mutual friends and family members. Most likely when you attend these parties the mutual friends will discuss with him what you've been up to lately. Hanging out with family members can occupy your time more. Once he is aware of these new changes he will wonder what is happening with you. Whether you found a new person or if you still have feelings for him. These strategies will surely help you to get your ex back. Partying will get your mind slightly off him but will get his mind more on you. Once he finds himself thinking about you and become concerned about your changes no doubt you'll get your ex back.
  • Don't keep too much contact with him. Let him see how 'happy' you are without him. Flaunting yourself too much will only make him wise to what you are doing and resist you and totally spoil your plan to get your ex back. When he is aware of the sudden changes in your life he will become so absorbed with concern for you, he'll maybe even call you. Let your mutual friends do the talking, hanging out with them is enough to let him know what you've been up to and make your plan to get your ex back a success. Keeping your distance from him will give him no clue of how much you want him back but will make him want you even more.
  • Be wise in all you do, having the right strategy can only make you a successful individual. Make sure you are doing the right things to get your ex back. Follow your heart, this is very important among all the strategies you have to get your ex back, make sure it is what you want.

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