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When you first met your ex boyfriend, your female instincts kept you from showing how much you liked him and that pushed his hot buttons and made him desire you. So, why aren't you using those same instincts now that he has broken up with you? At the beginning of your relationship, you would have been shocked if anyone suggested that you would be acting the way you are now.

You had too much pride and dignity to run after any man and tell him you can't live without him, so why are you doing it now? It is because you have allowed your heart to control your actions instead of your head. But, you shouldn't be ashamed because most women do the same thing you are doing when their heart has been broken. However, unless you shape up and change your tactics, you will lose the man you love for good.


By breaking up with you, your ex boyfriend pushed your emotional hot buttons to the limit and your emotions have been pumping at the max ever since. You can't sleep, you can't eat and all of your days and nights are filled with thought of how to get your ex back. But running around without any idea of what you are doing will not bring you any success. You have to push his emotional hot buttons as hard as he pushed yours.

The best way to make a man realize that he is still in love with you and can't live without you is to use male psychology to direct his thinking. You have to make him stop being stubborn and change his attitude. At the present time your ex boyfriend knows that he can have you back at the snap of his finger. He is sure of that because you keep telling him that you can't live without him.

But, what would happen if you suddenly stopped showing any interest in getting him back? What would your ex boyfriend do then? If he is still in love with you it will get his attention immediately. He will wonder why you stopped wanting him and his pride will be hurt. When a man's pride is hurt, he usually takes action and that is what you want your ex to do. You want him to wonder what you are up to and come out of his shell to find out.

He won't come after you physically yet because he will suspect that you are playing a game. He will probably ask mutual friends if you are dating or send you a text asking how you are doing. Those are his ways of finding out if you are serious. So, you should stay away from mutual friends so they can say that they haven't seen you without telling a lie and you should also ignore his text and erase it.

When he feels you are serious about moving on, your ex boyfriend's emotional hot buttons will start flashing a red alert and he will become desperate to find you. At this point you are back to where the relationship started and you can follow your female instincts again.

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