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The breakup of a relationship can cause you to do strange things. Your heart is broken and your emotions are running at an all time high. You think you may have lost the man you love for good and this makes you desperate. You want to stay in touch with him so he won't forget you and you send him one text after another telling him how much you love him and can't live without him.

However, your ex boyfriend doesn't answer your text and he won't take your phone calls. His action or non-action causes you more heartache and so you withdraw from friends and family and cry a river of tears. Sitting around and moping will not help get your ex back. It will only make you think of the good time you had with your ex and yearn to have them back.


Your ex boyfriend will have these same memories, but as long as you keep nagging him by sending text he won't have time to remember them. This is why the no contact rule is so effective. In order to make your ex regret the breakup, you have to give him time to think. Getting inside a man's mind and making him miss you is the best way of getting him back.

The problem is, how can he miss you if you are always around? Since he met you, he has probably never had a chance to experience what his life is like without you. This is how you use the no contact rule to make your ex boyfriend see how important you are to him having a happy life. Once he has time to think, male psychology will begin to influence his mind.

There is a problem with using the no contact rule, however. It takes discipline and patience that some people can't handle. Once you start using this powerful tactic, you can't turn back. You must accept the breakup and make up your mind that your ex boyfriend is gone. Find other things to occupy your time and one of the best ways is doing volunteer work and help others in need.

Helping others less fortunate than yourself will make your problems seem less important and enable you to keep away from your ex. You should also go out and have a good time and make sure your ex boyfriend hears about how you are moving on with your life without him. This doesn't mean that you should text him with the news because he will hear about it from your mutual friends.

He will be surprised to hear that you are not just sitting around and waiting for him to call and this will make him wonder if he might have lost you for good. Now, the breakup will seem stupid to him and the no contact rule will be doing its job. It won't be long before your ex boyfriend will be trying to contact you. But, you can't just fall back into his arms no matter how much you have wanted this to happen.

You can answer his text and if you think you can talk to him without crying and begging, take a phone call from him. This will be a crucial time in your relationship and you must assume the control. Make him chase you like he did when he first met you. Play a little hard to get, however don't make it so long that he gets discouraged. Making a man realize that he needs you more than you need him will keep him in love with you forever.

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