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If you have been searching for information about getting your ex boyfriend back, you have probably read about the no contact rule. You might have thought about giving it a try, but you were afraid your ex might just go find someone else. So you try to stay close to him and get him to talk things over, however he just ignores you. What is happening is, your ex boyfriend is using the no contact rule on you.

Coming to the realization that the man you love and who said he loved you is ignoring you intentionally can be a big blow and make you desperate to learn why he has this attitude. You text him constantly and leave phone messages, but all you receive is silence in return. In your emotional state, you probably won't realize it, but your ex boyfriend is using the no contact rule on you.


Once you understand what your ex is up to, it could cause you to panic and double your efforts to get him to talk to you, but that would be just what he expects you to do. Since you can see how well the no contact rule works, why not use it yourself? Just because your ex boyfriend is using it, does not mean that it won't work for you. In fact it might really make him sit up and take notice.

Another benefit from using no contact is that it will give you a chance to settle your emotions and start thinking more clearly. After a week or so of no contact, you will not have as desperate an urge to text or call him. You will also be taking him by surprise and he will start wondering why you stopped trying to get him back. However, you will have to be careful and not send even one text or leave a phone message.

You saw what your ex boyfriend was doing. He was refusing to have any contact with you what-so-ever and you must do the same. The key to doing this is to stay busy. Find something to occupy your mind even if it is only reading a good book. The less you think about not contacting your ex the easier it will be. Rely on your family and friends during this time because they will be on your side.

At this point you will want to know how long this period of no contact should last. Obviously it can't go on forever or you and your man would never get back together. But, things have changed and time is on your side now. Your ex boyfriend might wait you out for a week or more to see if you are playing a game. This is why you have to be strong because if you start texting and calling again, he will stay in the no contact mode.

Men are not the most patient of animals and in a few weeks or perhaps days, your ex boyfriend will make the first move. He will have to see what you are up to and as in a staring contest, the first one to blink loses. When he contacts you, treat him like an old friend and be cheerful and chatty, but do not say anything romantic. Do as you did when you first hooked him, put out the bait and let him bite.

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