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It's not really that uncommon to find yourself feeling like you want to be able to get back together with someone who ended their relationship with you. It might just be that reflexive desire to want what you cannot have, but sometimes it is far more real than that. Sometimes you get to see what you truly want when it is taken from you and that is exactly what happens to a lot of women when they find themselves on the wrong end of a break up. What if your ex boyfriend broke up with you, but you find yourself wanting him back? What can you do?

Here are some tips that just might help you to alleviate your situation and win him back:


1. You have to let go of any hurt and any anger that you feel because of the break up.

Trying to win back an ex boyfriend when you feel hurt and angry is not an easy thing to do. Those feelings will usually come out at the WRONG time and if that happens, you can end up pushing him away when you would much rather be attracting him back to you. It may take some time for the hurt and the anger to really go away, but you need it to if you are going to be successful in winning back your ex boyfriend.

2. You must be able to resist the urge to want to contact your ex boyfriend excessively.

It's really common for someone to want to reach out to someone that they have broken up with quite often, but too much contact with him can be a bad thing. You want him to really know what it is like to not have you in his life as well as let him see that you are not going to try to nag him into coming back to you.

3. You have to be able to make him feel like he really wants you back.

It can't be a situation where you want him back but he doesn't feel the same way. All you will end up with is disappointment if that is the way that things play out. The more desire you can make him feel to have you back in his life, the more likely it is that this is exactly what will happen. The more attraction that your ex boyfriend feels when he thinks of you, the more likely it is that he will end up being open to the idea of working things out with you.

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