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You have lost the man you love and you long to be with him so much. You are desperate to look into his eyes and hear him say he loves you again. You wake up at night thinking you hear his voice or laugh. This can cause your life to be miserable and you wish there was something you could do that would bring your ex boyfriend running back to your arms.

Your friend's and family tell you to let him go because maybe you weren't meant for each other. However you can't make yourself believe that. You believe your ex is still in love with you and that getting your ex back is still possible and you are probably right. All you have to do is know the right things to do and say and you can do that by learning more about male psychology.


Since you have not been successful in getting your ex boyfriend back up to this point, you have to assume that whatever you have been doing is not the right thing to do. When you learn more about male psychology, you will see that one of the biggest mistakes you are making is thinking with your heart, while your ex is thinking with his head. This is usually the biggest problem when trying to make your ex boyfriend long to be with you again.

You are allowing emotions to guide you, but he is using logic. While you are focusing on the hurt the breakup has caused you, he is thinking of the reason for the breakup. However, as long as you are telling him of your love for him, he won't feel the hurt. Until your ex boyfriend feels the sense of loss you are feeling, he won't long to be with you again.

To make your ex experience the hurt and longing that will make him come running back to you, it will be necessary to reject him. You can do that by accepting the breakup and begin to ignore your ex boyfriend. Nothing can get a man's attention faster than having his ex girlfriend ignore him. This will hurt his pride and ego and he will be stunned by your action.

Walking away from your ex boyfriend might seem like a dangerous thing to do. But the reason you are longing to be back with your ex is because he walked away from you. All you have to do is send your ex a text and tell him that you agree that the breakup was best and hope he has a good life. Then you have to make yourself scarce. Take a vacation or visit friends. Just be sure your ex boyfriend won't know what happened to you.

I'm not saying this will be easy, but if you want your ex to long to be with you again, you have to make him miss you. As soon as he realizes you have disappeared, he will wonder if you have found another guy. This will make him see how much he loves you and he will begin to long to be with you again. This is just one of the ways that using male psychology can work.

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