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A breakup usually comes as a surprise and leaves you going over the past in an effort to learn the reason your ex boyfriend dumped you. However, men can be very unpredictable at times and what you think might have upset him was not the problem at all. This is why you can't blame yourself or lose your self confidence over something that you couldn't control.

But understanding what might be keeping your ex boyfriend from coming back to you can keep you from pushing him any farther away. Don't think that you can simply call your ex and expect him to tell you what is in his mind. Most men will do anything to keep their ex girlfriend from knowing what they are thinking. That's why your ex keeps rejecting any attempt you make to talk to him.


Knowing what goes through his mind after a breakup is often the clue to getting back the man you love. The more you can learn about male psychology and how a man's mind works can clear up a lot of your misgivings. This will allow you to get inside his head and know what he is thinking because no matter how much you harass your ex boyfriend he will not tell you the truth.

No matter how much he regrets the breakup, his ego and pride will keep him from admitting that he made a mistake. Actually your ex boyfriend is in a pretty tight place. He may want you back, but he has bragged to his friends about how he dumped you and how you won't leave him alone. Now if he goes back to you, his friends will make him feel like a wuss.

However, fearing what his friends will think may not be as strong as his own fear of having the responsibility of a home and family. He might have found himself about ready to make a commitment and at the last minute, he decided to make a break. These are two of the main reasons men hesitate to make up after a breakup. But it's also possible that you may have hurt him with a careless word or action and he is afraid of being hurt again.

The problem is only made worse when you keep after him and try to get him to talk. What your ex boyfriend needs is to see what his life is like without you and the only way you can show him is to stop having any contact with him whatsoever. No matter what the cause of the breakup, your ex probably always intended to get back with you. But, as long as you keep telling him how much you need him, there is no urgency for him.

Your ex boyfriend has to feel that there is a real possibility of losing you before he will forget everything else and come running back to your arms. Male psychology teaches that men will pursue what they think they can't have. It will be hard, but you have to start acting like your ex boyfriend no longer exists and show him he needs you more than you need him. You might be surprised at how soon he gets the message and comes running back to your arms.

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