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If he would only talk to you, you know you could make him understand how much you love him and need him in your life. This is what you are probably thinking if you have been the victim of a breakup and your ex boyfriend refuses to communicate with you. However the truth is, you should be glad your ex refuse to talk to you. Hearing his voice would make you start crying and begging and he would hang up.

A man becomes very uncomfortable when a woman starts crying and acts needy, so he ends any conversation you might have started. By showing panic and desperation you are making your ex boyfriend want to get as far away from you as possible. Which is just the opposite effect you want to have on him if you expect to get your ex back.


Men respond to challenge and as long as you are chasing him, you can't be much of a challenge. Stop and think, why do you think your guy broke up with you? It was because he had decided that he no longer wanted to date you – at least for a while. The only way you can make him want you again is by showing him the breakup was a mistake.

I have already said men like a challenge and what challenges them, is something they think they can't have. As long as you throw yourself at him, he knows he can have you anytime he wants you. But, if you can make him think you don't want him anymore, the whole situation changes. By accepting the breakup and letting him go, you can make him begin to wonder if the breakup was a good idea.

You will both have the time and space to think. Your ex may wonder what you are doing and see that his life is not so great without you in it. On the other hand you might feel a new freedom and decide that you would rather resume the life you led before you met your ex. In other words, you might not want your ex back after all. Your desperation to bring him back could have just been caused by shock or embarrassment.

Men do not like to be ignored and being ignored by their ex girlfriend is hard to take. Your ex will also be curious. He will wonder if you have found a new guy, or if you are still in love with him. This curiosity is what will make him communicate with you again. He will probably start out by sending a text and just ask how you are doing. If you text him right back and show him you are excited to hear from him there will be no reason for him to worry about losing you.

However, if you wait a few days and the text him by saying, Good to hear from you and I have been wanting to tell you the breakup was a good idea. Hope you are having as much fun as I am. If he still loves you and misses you, that should be enough to make him desperate to get you back. If not, you need to start a new life without him.

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