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Getting your ex-boyfriend back is a decision you can reach after realizing his importance in your life. It depends on who ended the relationship for you to strategize on how to bring him back. There are several ways you can use, one simple method that is common and you probably prefer in getting your ex-boy friend back is by using text messages. This is common as many people nowadays communicate using cell phones. Text messages are the best method of communicating in cases where you fear the response, the response of the recipient may be doubted to be unfriendly. For example communicating with your ex boyfriend.

After ending the relationship; especially if he is the one who ends it. Using a text message that briefly describes the experience he shared with you. An experience can be about his best game that he likes watching. Coincidentally use the time when the game is playing and text him telling him how you used to watch the game together .This will make him think of you and can easily open up your communication in case it was broken.


Apologizing through text messages is one way that can help you greatly in winning your man back .It can be true that your ex boy friend don't want to communicate to you verbally because of the wrong you did to him .Using a text message to communicate that expresses your remorsefulness will make your ex boy friend consider forgiving you. It will also express how much you feel towards the wrong as it will indicate some sense of shying from physical confrontation.

A text message can easily book you an appointment with your ex boyfriend. When using this text message just be frank and suggest using reasons such as you want him for a drink or a cup of coffee out. After he accepts use the opportunity and try to talk about the need to be together once more. Do not shy away; open up and he will feel it.

You may have suggested an end to your relationship. There are high chances that you shy away from confronting your beloved man that you ordered to quit from your life. Using a text message to sincerely explain how wrong you were in suggesting the end will save you a lot. This is because you will not feel ashamed as you were the one who ended it.

Important tips in using text messages to get your ex boyfriend back:

In case he does not reply immediately, just relax to give him time to think over it. Do not use text messages to win your ex boyfriend while drunk. You may use inappropriate words that will keep him off completely. While using text message, and he happens to reply in a rude manner, stop texting as it may lead to expanding your disagreements.

When the reply is warm just suggest for a meeting to discuss more, continued texting may spoil the mood.

A text message may seem a two word information but can bring your beloved ex boyfriend back. Try it and you will enjoy the peace of being with the man of your choice.

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