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Trouble With Relationships

The shock of having your boyfriend breakup with you is usually enough to cause you to make mistakes that could spell the end of your relationship. To add to your problems your friends and family will chip in with their advice. Of course the advice they give will be one sided because when your ex boyfriend hurt you, he became unpopular with the ones who love you.

What you must realize is, that love, hate, happiness or sadness are all emotions that are triggered by the psyche and what triggers the psyche is emotional hot buttons. If you get a raise at work or a good grade at school, it makes you happy, but if you get a failing grade or lose your job it will probably make you sad. These feelings are all emotional.


However good or bad things do not actually have to happen in order to trigger these emotional hot buttons, just thinking they might happen can sometimes be harder on your psyche than the actual happening and can cause you to do crazy things. In the case of losing your job, if you think it may happen, it can cause you to worry and fret so much that you might quit the job before you get fired.

What does all of this have to do with getting your ex boyfriend back? Everything! You can attack his psyche and cause him to react the way you choose, simply by getting inside his head and directing his thinking. In fact if you have been sending text and calling your ex telling him how much you miss him and will always love him, you are already effecting his psyche but in the wrong way.

As long as he knows he has you hooked, he can take his time about getting back together with you. Male psychology will tell you that a man will always desire what he feels he can't have. As long as he knows he has you, he will take you for granted and his desire for you will be less. To give his desire for you a boost, you have to make your ex think you no longer want him.

While you have been chasing your ex boyfriend, you have been feeding his ego, but if you suddenly start ignoring him, the whole pattern changes. He will wonder why you do not desire him anymore and that will make his desire for you increase. Remember men want what they can't have. By walking away, you will push his emotional hot buttons.

He will begin to remember your smile and the sweet things you do. Soon a void will be apparent in his life and he will begin to miss you. The natural thing to do when you miss something you have lost, is to try to get it back. Men are always receptive to a challenge and thinking he could be losing you for good will trigger many hot buttons inside of him and you should soon get your ex back.

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