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Has he left you now he is seeing someone else? Do you still want him back? Is your answer is yes to the questions then read on. It can be difficult trying to get an ex back with these tips that I am about to explain getting your ex back can be done.


  • You will first have to do yourself some good by not being desperate and pleading with your ex. Don't allow desperation and emotion blind your reasoning Put your whole mind strictly under control since being emotional will do you no good it can only make matters worse.
  • Contact your ex just once more. Not to plead with him just to wish him well. Tell him you understand why he has done what he has done. Tell him that you are sorry for making life difficult for him in any way and wish him well.
  • Your ex isn't expecting this kind of thing from you. He is expecting you to still plead with him and ask him to come back. Your unexpected message will do a lot of things to him. Fist it will earn you your eroded respect in his eyes. Second he will see you in an entirely new light of a matured person.

    Now you need to work on yourself make corrections in every area of your life where corrections are highly needed. Dress well make yourself look good. If you haven't been working it is time for you to get a job to keep you busy and focused. Men respect women who are focused and diciplined. With your new lifestyle you are not far from capturing your ex back.

    Keep in contact with him by way of a new and platonic friendship. Call him occasionally to catch up and always ask about her in a sincere way. He'll assume that you've accepted that things have changed and he'll come to view you as a friend and confidante. If you can remain a positive force in his life, he'll turn to you when his new relationship begins to show signs of wear and tear. Be there for him and he'll start to remember the good times you two shared. Once that happens, it will be your ex boyfriend pursuing you for another chance at love.

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