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While looking for a prospective matrimonial alliance for yourself or your son, daughter or other family members, you will come across many proposals. Out of all these proposals, a lot of proposals will not be a good match, and you will have to reject them. However, it is important that you refuse the match in a polite way, and not hurt the sentiments of the other party.

It may seem that rejecting a marriage proposal is not a big deal, but that's not actually the case. People invest a lot of time when looking for a prospective alliance, and thus a 'no' can be a big let-down. Also, if someone is getting declined too often, the word can spread quickly within the community and can hamper their prospects. Also, if someone is refusing too many proposals, they may come across as too choosy or arrogant even if they have genuine reasons for rejecting. All this means that rejections are a big deal, and thus should be handled with a lot of care.


Be Careful with Your Words: When declining a marriage proposal, you should be careful about your words, and ensure you don't hurt the other party. You should use sensitive language, which in no way sounds offensive or hurtful to the other person. Also, you should not come across as someone superior and make the other side sound small.

Give a Brief Reason: You should briefly state the reason for why you are not going ahead with the marriage proposal. For example, you can say that after giving some consideration, you realize that the proposal will not be an ideal match for both the bride and groom. Or you can say, that the couple has very different outlooks, and therefore it is in the best interest of both parties to stop the correspondence right away. You don't have to give detailed reasons, especially if there's a risk of the other side getting offended, but always offer a brief reason in a polite way.

Wish Them Good Luck: Even if you are not going ahead with the relationship, it is always considered as a good sign to wish luck to the other party. Some ways of saying good luck are listed below.

  • All the best for your partner search
  • Wish you lots of luck in your search for a soulmate
  • Best of luck for your life partner quest

Keep the Relationship Cordial: If it's an arranged marriage, chances are you may meet the other party in a social function in the future. Therefore, you should keep the doors open for a polite hello. Of course, you can't expect them to be friends with you because no one likes a rejection, but you can avoid things getting ugly.

Don't Be Guilty: It's important to be nice and polite while refusing a proposal, but you shouldn't be guilty or apprehensive about the refusal. You have your own reasons, and therefore you should balance politeness with firmness. Also, unless you want, you should not let the other party feel that the discussion is open, and they have another chance. The refusal should clearly indicate that the matter is now closed.

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