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Do you have any idea how many tips on how to get an ex back claim to be foolproof but leave a lot of room for error? The problem is that most of us never give them a second thought until we're smack dab in the middle of a broken heart and really not thinking all that objectively.

This means you're not in the best mental condition to make judgments about what will and will not work in your situation. The good news is that there are tips that are highly effective. Some of them are even foolproof. This means that no matter how lost you are in your own personal sea of sorrow you'll still be able to pull these off.


What's so foolproof about these tips on how to get an ex back?

  1. Anyone can do them. These aren't tips that only bankers and lawyers can do. They work for everyone no matter what profession you're in: waitresses, doctors, teachers, young and old like can do them.
  2. They won't damage your pride. Pride is important though some people have more than their fair share. You won't feel as though you are demeaning yourself or sacrificing a major part of who you are in order to make them work.
  3. They are universal. They work for men, women, different races, different ages, and different cultures. Love is universal after all too.

What are the best tips on how to get an ex back?

  1. Offer a genuine and heart felt apology.
  2. Be the person your ex fell in love with and accept the person your ex is.
  3. Ask. Invite your ex back into your life. Begin with small steps and work your way up.

Discover your inner vixen. Don't become a shrew or anything like that but get in touch with your confident side. It's sexy and he will notice the new, more confident you. He wants a woman that values herself as much as he values her. Become that woman.

Remind him of the woman he fell for. He fell in love with you. He loved you for who you were and how much fun you had together. Men have mothers. They don't want you to fill that role. They want you to be a partner in fun, crime, and bliss. Be that person again.

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