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When he drops the bomb on you and tells you that he wants to end your relationship, there is probably not much you can do to keep your boyfriend from leaving. But there is something you can do to bring him back fast. Of course when he keeps ignoring your text messages and not taking your phone calls things can look like the man you love is gone for good.

It might seem even more impossible to think that you can have him chasing you and wanting you to love him again. But this can be done without all of the emotional drama that you are now showing him. In fact the key to getting your ex back is getting yourself settled down and stop begging for his love. By showing him what a needy woman you are it will push him farther away.


What would you think if the situation was reversed and you had dumped your ex boyfriend? Would you be impressed if he cried and begged you to love him again? You wouldn't unless you want a wuss for a boyfriend. Well, no man wants a woman who is needy and dependent. This is not the kind of woman who attracted him at the start and it won't pull him back to you now.

You need to take a look at the way you were acting in the months before the breakup. Were you pushy and demanding or needy and dependent? Did you give him a dressing down when he was late to pick you up for a date, or did you act hurt and pout all evening? You wouldn't have been much fun either way. You didn't act that way at the beginning of your relationship, so why did you start doing it?

The answer could be that you were so much in love with your man that you were testing him to see how much he loved you. He might not have been the kind who says he loves you all of the time because most men aren't that way. But, he knew that he loved you and when you started being unsure of him, your constant nagging made him wonder if he was wrong about you.

At the time he met you, your ex boyfriend was just looking for some fun. He wasn't thinking of a serious relationship, but you seemed to be everything he ever wanted in a woman and he fell deeply in love with you. At first he was happy because you made him feel that you were still a little out of his reach. Then you became unsure of yourself and the nagging began.

Your ex boyfriend is probably still in love with you and is confused at the change in you. To get him back, you have to start being the woman he met. The one who was confident and independent. All he wants is the woman he fell in love with and if you show him you are that woman again, your ex boyfriend will be back fast.

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