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You have been hoping to hear from your ex boyfriend and suddenly you notice a text from him. This makes your heart beat faster and you can't wait to read it. Has he finally realized that breaking up with you was a mistake? Will he ask you to forgive him and ask you to start dating him again? You want to dance and shout and tell everyone that this is your lucky day.

But, when you read his message, your heart begins to break again and tears well up in your eyes. Instead of saying he loves you and wants to get back together, his words are harsh and mean. It seems like he wants to make it clear that he is done with you for good. Your spirits sink to a new low, but although this sort of text from your ex boyfriend hurts, it can also be good news.


How can something so hurtful be good news? Because it tells you that you are still on your ex boyfriend's mind. If he didn't care for you anymore, he would not be giving you a thought. The fact that he took the time to send a text, tells you that he is still hurt and frustrated by the breakup. Stop and think about it, if you no longer cared for your ex boyfriend would you still have him on your mind?

If your ex boyfriend is still thinking of you, then you still have a chance of getting him back. Does that mean that you should answer his text and tell him that you still love him? The answer to that is no. But shouldn't you let him know how much he has hurt you? Again the answer is no. You should not answer his text at all. Don't even let him know you read it!

By not acknowledging his text, you will stay on his mind. He will wonder if you got the message and read it. The more you make him wonder, the more you are on his mind and the more he thinks about you the better the chance that he will see how much he misses you. Being nasty to each other by sending text will not accomplish anything. Just stay calm and let your ex make the next move.

He may send more nasty text, but show him you are too mature to play childish games and you will gain his respect. Soon he will become ashamed of his actions and his hurt will have a chance to lessen. A man will harbor the pain of a breakup longer than a woman, but by giving him time, your ex boyfriend will see that the problem is not as great as it seemed.

Waiting for him to make the next move will require a lot of patience on your part. However, when you get the text from him that says he realizes the breakup was a mistake and wants you to forgive him it will all be worth it.

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