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Guide to get your ex back in different way

No break-up is good. It is awful always and leaves us devastated. We become so desperate to get back the love of our life and in this desperation we do mistakes, the deadly ones which ruin it even more. We have to salvage the relationship in a different, unconventional way.


So, if you know the break-up is knocking at the door, be calm. Letting your adrenaline level go high will not save it. So, agree, even if it is tough, nod your head and say, “you're right, we are not being compatible, so let's get apart”. And guess what? This will leave him slightly confused. Fighting him back or dragging him towards you might have given him more confidence about the decision of being separate.

Actual fun will start now. You have to increase the confusion even more with your next steps. Never show your anger, sorrow or frustration, be happy truly and showcase that to him by some way or the other. Work on your appearance, your diet, your wardrobe and everything else except him. Never chase him neither physically nor through any social media or any friend.

All of your activities will take him on roller coaster ride psychologically and will make him crazy about you. He will then realize what a huge mistake he has made breaking up and he will come to you running barefoot. Welcome him with open arms now and be happy forever.

You must be thinking why to take all the shit on yourself when you both were in the relationship. Right, you both might have contributed to the break up, but there is no harm if you take the initiative and give the relationship a second chance and get back at your ex. But never ever beg for him to come back which may ruin it more. Instead take deep breath, get over the depression and give yourself a new touch up, spend time for yourself and try to live the life to the fullest that too without him and somehow convey the message to him. He will definitely feel strange, will wonder about the reason for your happiness and that will drag him towards you and you will get back at your ex and this time it will be forever.

So, have the great support of such awesome relationship product with you and don't let the break-up break you down.

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