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A breakup of a relationship can be such a painful and sad affair. Here are two people who are probably very much in love, but are breaking each others heart. You might be in this type of situation right now and your ex boyfriend is treating you cold and distant. You may be blaming yourself or him for the breakup, but no matter who was to blame you want your ex back. The problem is, your ex does not seem to want you back.

This desire to get back the man you love will cause you to do many things that you ordinarily wouldn't do. You throw away your pride and go begging and crying to your ex asking for another chance. However, he ignores your pleas and pulls farther away with every attempt to communicate. His actions can almost tear your heart to pieces and you think that something you said or did has made him hate you.


But if you could read his mind, you would have a better understanding of his reasons for staying away from you. Your ex boyfriend will not tell you his reasons because as man he has a big ego and a lot of pride. If you are successful in getting him to communicate with you, he will make up some story about the reason the two of you can't get back together.

One of the real reasons your ex boyfriend feels he can't get back with you is the fear of being ridiculed by his friends. He probably bragged about how he dumped you and now he can't back down. He will be torn between losing his pride and losing you for good. Which means that you must have the strength to stay away from him until he misses you so bad that he will not care what his friends think. However, there could be other fears that are keeping him from admitting that the breakup was a mistake.

Some men are afraid of responsibility and when he saw himself falling deeply in love with you, he could see himself with a family and all of the expenses that go along with it. This fear is usually a sign of immaturity and with time he will get over it. Of course, there is always the chance that something you said or did hurt him and he is afraid of being hurt again. All of these reasons can keep two people who are still in love apart.

One thing is sure however, you won't get him back by pushing your ex boyfriend. You have to let him have the time to experience his life without you and realize that he can't be happy without you. This is not a guarantee that you will get your ex back, but the old saying that absence make the heart grow fonder is true. If you can muster the patience to give him this time, and your ex boyfriend is still deeply in love with you, he should overcome his fears.

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