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Are you desperately want your ex back?

Do you want to salvage your relation, marriage and so on?

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Relationships and marriages (or any kind of relationship for that matter, incl. friendships) go sour when they damaged by the following types of communications:

1) 'settling scores'

2) power battles and/or scoring points for whatever reason

3) treating your partner differently from how you would want to be treated yourself

4) wanting to be right

5) manipulation to get your own way

6) undermining the person you are supposed to love in any way

7) using your boy/girlfriend, partner or spouse

8) having it your way all the time

9) controlling your partner/spouse/boy/girlfriend

10) treating him/her with content abusing him/her in any way: financially, physically, mentally and/or emotionally

Time spent apart and time spent together is another common relationship problem. You may enjoy time together with your partner and your partner may want some time together with you, but you also may enjoy time alone, or with other friends. If this gets interpreted as, “my partner doesn't care for me as much as I care need” or “I resent the time my partner spends alone because they don't want to spend it with me and they must not really love me,” you may be headed for a disastrous result by jumping to a premature conclusion.

Check out with your partner what time alone means and share your feelings about what you need from the relationship in terms of time together. Perhaps you can reach a compromise where you get more time together but leave your partner the freedom to be alone or with others times when it is needed, without your feeling rejected or neglected or thinking of your partner as selfish, inconsiderate, or non-caring. Demanding what you want, regardless of your partner's needs, usually ends up driving your partner away.

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